Parking meter increases are officially in our city's future.

Our Indianapolis City-County Council voted with overwhelming majority to increase the active hours for our parking meters in some of the busiest parts of our city last night.

While I support measures that develop our infrastructure and lift up our homeless, as noted by Councilor Evans, two-thirds of the profits generated from this increase would go back into the pockets of the private enterprise that owns the parking system in our city- while putting an additional burden on musicians, people in the hospitality and service industries, and folks working the third shift around town.

Indianapolis ended our relationship with a profit-seeking enterprise that ran our prison system, and it’s about time we re-examine the fifty-year relationship with the private company that owns our parking meters.

As your City-County Councilperson, it will be a paramount goal of mine to make our city a more autonomous one- free of private interests that often detriment the middle class.

Patrick Wagner