Indianapolis is Home

Indianapolis is Home.

It’s where I was born; it’s where I fell in love; it’s where I cultivated the values that define the person that I am today.

My roots are here. My heart is here.

My dad was a Union carpenter, and growing up, my mom cleaned houses to make ends meet. And at an early age, I began to understand that if I fully committed my mind - and my spirit - I could realize my potential.

But, that privilege isn’t available to all folks in our city.

Our city is changing. With some neighborhoods that have experienced significant development pressures, and other communities being left behind for generations, you have to begin to wonder: who has Indianapolis been changing for?

Our communities need a champion. Our issues need twenty-first-century solutions.

I have spent my life speaking up for the underdog. I am a problem solver to my core, and I vow to bring about change for my community.

District 16: Now is our time. I’m Patrick Wagner, and I want to be your next City-County Councilor.

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