District Investment.

It is absolutely essential that our infrastructure is renovated; Indianapolis residents are owed the right to navigable roadways. In the last year, tens of thousands of potholes were reported by Indianapolis drivers, to a degree that motivated Mayor Joe Hogsett to declare our infrastructure in a state of emergency. For some folks in District 16, the cost of repairing a gouged tire or a bent rim presents a financial tradeoff between a few days of reliable childcare, a heating bill, or even a college textbook. As your City-County Councilperson, I will advocate for these fundamental repairs to our infrastructure, and I will work to bring public funding, and much needed transparency, to the process of repairing our roadways. 

Living in a one-car household myself, my partner and I often take advantage of alternative modes of transportation around the city. I support the movement to magnify the capabilities of our IndyGo bus program, and I am proud that Indianapolis will be the first city in the country to host an all-electric rapid transit line. In addition to expanding our municipal bus presence, I support measures that will make our city more walkable and our roadways more bikeable- in a manner that is developed safely, and sustainably. 

Sustainable development doesn’t stop with our roadways, however; we should hold our city’s property developers to the same standard. Neighborhoods in our city’s sixteenth district should be positioned to grow, and should be positioned to cultivate a culture of which all residents are proud. Developments in our district should be supported by our local neighborhood associations; should be constructed by tradeswomen and tradesmen from our local Labor Unions; should be environmentally remediated; and should offer those folks who find employment in them a pathway to the middle class. I will question our status quo, I will invest my efforts to collaborate with developers in creating a model that benefits more than just the few, and I will work to realize my vision for Indianapolis: a sustainably developed cityscape-with accessible pathways to the middle class- that is safe, inclusive, and can proudly be passed to our posterity.