Improving quality of life- for all. 

Indiana ranks as one of the lowest states in the country for quality of life, natural environment, and eco-friendliness. The atmosphere in and around Indianapolis consequently falls victim to high levels of pollution, generated by coal-fueled power plants and carried by wind across our city. For the sake of our health, and the health of generations to come, it is absolutely critical that our elected officials examine the commercial and financial drivers that have resulted in the American Lung Association rating Marion County a Grade “F” in ozone and particle pollution. As your City-County Councilperson- with a strong commitment to improving this significant health risk that afflicts all Indianapolis citizens- I will work with the public and private sector, and with all levels of government, to mitigate it.

Environmental stewardship doesn’t stop with our air quality index. With the promise of achieving a commercially viable waterway, our state’s capital was moved to central Indiana in the early 1800s- and since, the White River has been a site of pollution, industrial dumping, and toxin-filled runoff. Indianapolis, accordingly developed around our waterways instead of in integration with them. I support the recent measures to clean up the White River, especially the completion of the DigIndy tunnel, which now diverts millions of gallons of sewage from polluting our watershed, and which finally puts our city in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act of 1972. The future of our waterways, I believe, should be one that includes a prosperous commercial entity for our city, but should be developed sustainably- without disturbing the rebounding river ecosystem that has been under significant pressures since our city’s inception. I will protect our right to a clean waterway in District 16, and I will work in collaboration with elected officials both upstream and downstream to ensure the longevity of this public good.

Some neighborhoods in District 16 have seen incredible growth since we elected a City-County Councilperson in 2015; other neighborhoods have not experienced the same prosperity. With folks in our district that face daily financial crises, and with a history of neighborhoods in our district not receiving the appropriate attention they deserve, it will be my paramount responsibility to encourage collaboration across neighborhoods; to lift up common goods like our district’s community centers and health providers; and to ensure that all neighbors benefit from our city’s growth. I will support city ordinances that encourage local entrepreneurship, and I will work with neighborhood associations and with business owners across District 16 to advance our commonwealth. Indianapolis is a world-class city. It’s about time we treat Hoosier qualities of life- and our environment- with the same exceptional attention.