Safer neighborhoods.

Ensuring that our neighborhoods are safe is a foundational responsibility of our City-County Council. Unfortunately, for the fourth year in a row, Indianapolis has had a record-breaking year for criminal homicides. For the sake of our neighborhoods, it’s time that statistic be changed- radically. 

I support Mayor Joe Hogsett’s goal to return our public safety model to one that is community-based. However, it is absolutely critical that we go further: neighborhood relationships with local IMPD officers must be strengthened, and those officers must be trained on implicit bias and the various intersectional adversities that have permeated our city, particularly in communities of generational poverty. 

Although its legalization is controlled by our State governorship, it is right and just that our City-County Council take a stance on antiquated cannabis regulation in our county, and in our state. Cannabis should be decriminalized. Our Marion County police force should be tasked with investigating and with resolving those crimes that are most violent and are most detrimental to our community, not to small possession charges that have clogged our judicial processes and added an unnecessary administrative burden to the protectors of our city.

I support measures that provide much-needed health services to those who desperately need them. And now that our Mayor has enacted a progressive agenda that ended our city’s relationship with a profit-seeking enterprise that ran our prison system, I will advocate for measures that promote treatment for those with advanced mental health illness and opioid addiction. I believe that healthcare is a right, and I will be a steward for the expanded access to preventative medicine and wellness programs in our community. 

Our homeless populations should not be herded into forgotten regions of our city- like riverbanks, underpasses, and vacant housing- due to development pressures and local city ordinances. I am in staunch opposition to partisan measures like Sit and Lie that target our city’s most disenfranchised. I will work to identify the root cause of homelessness in our district. I support the selfless work of organizations across our city that help to lift up victims of homelessness, due to overwhelming debt, addiction, PTSD, and domestic abuse. Every neighbor deserves the right to a safe place to lie their head.